Fuel System Servicing in Mackay

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Fixing Fuel Systems

Is your vehicle’s engine beginning to splutter to a standstill? Does it continually stall at high temperatures? 

At A.M.D Automotive Services, we offer fuel system servicing, including the diagnosis and fixing of problems, for customers throughout Mackay and the surrounding areas. 

The most common fuel-related issues we see are faulty injectors, dirty filters and failing pumps; all of which can be fixed with repairs or replacement parts. 

We also clean out carbon deposits in systems to increase fuel efficiency when your vehicle becomes a gas-guzzler.

Whilst it’s not always easy for customers to determine if a particular issue is related to their fuel system, we’ll be able to tell pretty quickly. 

So, if you have any issues with your vehicle, book it in and we’ll work the rest out! General mechanical repairs are available, and we offer a mobile service throughout Mackay and surrounding areas.

What Does My Fuel System Do?

Fuel systems are designed to store petrol or diesel, delivering the required quantity at the right time into the engine intake system. 

This is where it’s mixed with air, atomised and vapourised ready for compression and ignition in the engine cylinder; resulting in the energy that propels your car. 

The fuel system consists of mechanical components such as the tank, fuel pump, lines, regulators, filters and injectors.

Most modern vehicles have electronic fuel injection which is regulated by an on-board computer – via sensors – which improves efficiency and performance. 

The trade-off however is that these hi-tech components are more complex and can be expensive to replace. 

Luckily at A.M.D Automotive Services, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to look after everything for you.

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