Vehicle Computer Diagnostics Mackay

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Diagnose Your Vehicle’s Problem!

Are your dashboard lights showing something’s not quite right with your vehicle? 

Does it have an electrical or mechanical problem, but you’re unsure of the cause? At A.M.D. Automotive Services, we use car and computer diagnostics to identify the root cause of any problems. 

From our workshop in South Mackay, we’ll diagnose the issue and test your components so we can provide the right repair solution the first-time round. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your car fixed only for it to break-down not long after!

Get your vehicle’s issues fixed fast and without fuss. Get in touch with us today. We offer comprehensive mobile mechanic services in Mackay (as well as surrounding areas), and our team will ensure all faults are diagnosed promptly and accurately.

Diagnosing Modern Vehicles

With the make-up of modern cars shifting away from pure mechanics to more complex electrical systems, it’s becoming harder and harder to visually identify faults in vehicles.

This means that more often than not, repairing a car requires a trained professional with the right diagnostic equipment. We use these tools to scan your vehicle’s computer system and gather error codes to help find the source of the problem. 

A standard diagnosis can take between 60-90 minutes; with more time required if components need to be removed and tested.

If you’re unsure what’s going on with your vehicle, schedule it in with us; we’ll find any underlying issues and provide you with repair options.

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