Brake & Suspension Servicing Mackay

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Reliable Brakes & Suspension Servicing For Your Safety

Starting to misjudge braking distances because your brakes aren’t as responsive as they used to be? 

Is your ride becoming less and less comfortable with every trip you make? 

At A.M.D Automotive Services, we handle brake and suspension servicing – including replacing parts – for a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and caravans to trucks and buses. 

From our Archibald Street workshop, we service customers from Mackay and the surrounding regions, including those simply passing through on their travels or spending time away from working out west. 

With easy access to stock, we can replace shocks and pads quicker than you think. Book in today!

When to Replace Brake & Suspension Parts

We all know that driving on worn brake pads is dangerous, but not everyone’s aware of exactly when they need replacing. The following are key indicators that it’s time to get your brake pads replaced or that something else is amiss:

If you’re experiencing none of these issues but your car is becoming harder to steer, particularly at low speeds, then it’s worth having your suspension inspected. 

Unfortunately, suspension is often taken for granted, because it just keeps on going about it’s business quietly – until one day it doesn’t! 

It’s fundamental to safety; from enabling your car to steer to keeping the entire weight of your vehicle off the ground. 

Whilst components such as shocks, struts, springs and tie-rods can be replaced relatively cheaply—left unchecked they can cause costly damage to the rest of your vehicle.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, call us today and we’ll sort them out. We offer mobile mechanic services throughout the Mackay region and surrounds.

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